Thermal Inspections

Thermal cameras detect heat signatures in a part of the spectrum that is invisible to the human eye. Utilising a drone fitted with a thermal camera to carry out many types of inspections increases the likelihood of precisely locating issues before they become serious problems and thereby enabling a preventative course of action to be taken.

Heat leakage, water and moisture collection on roofs; damaged solar panel cells; faulty HVAC systems; weak points on power lines and faults on mobile phone masts are the most common thermal inspections carried out using drones.

Our choice of thermal camera, DJI Flir Zenmuse XT, reflects the level of professional service we offer our clients. A resolution of 640 x 512 at 30Hz enables us to capture data in the highest quality thermal imagery possible. With the added benefit of a radiometric camera we can tell you the exact temperature of any given spot in the image.

We provide a full report of the inspection with pinpoint detail of every area where issues and defects have been identified. This can be incorporated within the same report we provide for a visual only inspection or as a standalone thermal only report.