Accessing high level areas safely such as roof coverings, chimneys and hard to reach places requires scaffolding or Mobile Working Elevated Platforms (MWEP). This is expensive, causing disruption and 

inconvenience. UAV technology provides a much safer, faster, convenient and cost effective method of circumventing the issues caused by traditional methods.


Our UAVs capture all of the data imagery required for surveys and inspections. We provide live feeds directly from the UAV offering clients realtime visibility and the ability to direct the pilot to specific areas of interest.

We recognise the challenges when it comes to presenting data for the expert to analyse. Often this can be 100's of individual images. This becomes even more of an issue when speed is of the essence and findings need to be presented in a user friendly way.

The solution? Our investment in a secure cloud based platform is a significant game changer. Within a matter of hours after the flight has taken place, we securely send clients the raw data (high resolution images) via the platform. Image are geo-referenced and ready to be analysed by the expert. Areas of interest are marked out, annotations and severity levels added. When complete, a full report can be generated and shared with all interested parties.