Construction Sites

The use of drones is becoming increasingly commonplace on construction sites to gather data for a wide variety of applications required throughout the lifecycle of a project. These applications include surveying (topography & progress), 3D modelling, measurements (distance, area & volumetric) and as built verification. All of the data required can typically be produced from a single flight faster (hours rather than days), safer (eliminating the need for individuals to unnecessarily expose themselves to the dangers of the site), and more cost effective than traditional methods. The raw data gathered by the drone is processed using industry approved mapping software.

Much of the processed data can easily be imported into additional platforms such as AutoCAD or Revit a Building Information Modelling (BIM) software.

The mapping of a site, brown or green field, is usually the starting point and the first visual record in a series of the construction project. When absolute accuracy is required, Ground Control Points (GCPs) established using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provide absolute accuracy less than 5cm. This comes into its own when as-build verifications against the plans are required by overlaying CAD drawings on the map.

However, there is not always a need for absolute accuracy especially when all that is required are progress surveys to share with key stakeholders or for periodic site health & safety inspections.

What traditionally took days to produce can now be carried out in a matter of hours without risking injury to personnel having to access potentially dangerous and unstable areas to collect data. 

Measurements are frequently required to be carried out, usually at very short notice. Traditionally this means the Project Manager having to schedule the task(s) and one or more people having to physically do the measuring be it distance, surface area or volumetric. 

that  which means that someone wills for a wide variety of needs and often at very short notice. , distances, surface areas or volumetric. Each one of these types of measurements is very simply and quickly done